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what is a civil rights case?

Remember, just because someone has wronged you in some way, that does not mean you have a civil rights case.  If you answer YES to BOTH of the following questions, you may have a civil rights case:

  • Were you harmed or adversely affected by a STATE ACTOR? A state actor can be anyone who works for any government.  This sometimes includes people who are not actually on the government payroll but have acted under government authority. 

  • Was your harm CONSTITUTIONAL or merely a tortious offense?  Constitutional ("civil rights") claims are harder to prove than state law tort claims.  Some examples of civil rights claims are: excessive force by police, cruel and unusual punishment while serving time, punishment in pretrial detention, deliberate indifference to medical needs while incarcerated, retaliation for free speech or free assembly, discrimination based on protected class status (like race and gender), warrantless searches or seizure of property or your body, lack of criminal or civil process due a citizen in connection with some government action, denial of counsel, unlawful interrogation, and retaliatory prosecution.  

If you answered NO to either of the questions above, you may still have a personal injury claim.  


We do not utilize the "meet 'em, greet 'em, and plead 'em" approach that you may have seen on TV or read about.  Every case is approached with the assumption that it will go to trial.  This method implies a necessary level of preparedness which results in more dismissals, better plea deals, and razor sharp trial practice.  


Attorney Millikan was a small business owner, home designer, and builder for decades before returning for a law degree.  With this background, we also take many property disputes, small business transactional and litigation cases, tenant advocacy, professional licensing and regulation, as well as handling appeals within our practice area.